July 21, 2019

medical lake, washington

women's triathlon and duathlon

pre race checklist:


Back Pack Items for Race Day:

Bib number, bicycle frame number, helmet number
Timing chip
Sun screen
Body glide
Water bottles 
Wetsuit and Swim Cap
Earplugs/ nose plugs (for those who need it)
Sunglasses/ Eyewear

Transition Towel
Running shoes, socks
Number belt
Cap to wear on the run
Nutritional bars or gels 
Sports drink for water bottles
Rain resistant jacket, just in case

Bicycle Items: 
Water bottle(s)
Tool bag
Pump or CO2 cartridge
Spare tire
Bike gloves (optional)
Bike shoes



Personal Items:
Clothes for after the Race
Slip on flip flops for before and after the race (optional)
Contact lenses and saline
Recovery drink or solid food
Camera or cell phone
Aspirin or Ibuprofin
Feminine Hygiene Products

Prescriptions Medications as necessary